About Us

Capoeira is a blend of martial art, game, music and dance of Brazil. The art-form started up in Brazil during the 16th Century, a result of the slave trading that took place in conjunction with the previously slaved native Indians. Since that time, Capoeira has since transformed into an artform enjoyed by people all over the world.

Capoeira is a “game” – it is not a fight of only might and strength, but also a chess-game where you try to anticipate the moves of the other player and trap them with yours. It is a game that is enjoyed by both a beginner and a teacher, both a child and an adult. Capoeira brings people of all ages and backgrounds together – all levels and ages can form a “roda” together and share this Martial Art. The “jogo” – the game – can be a beautiful exhibition of strength and flexibility or a lightning-fast show of aggressive kicks and pure might.

About Mestrando GirinoDami

Eduardo Torres grew up in Northern California and was captivated by Capoeira in his teens. In 2000 he moved to the Tampa Bay area and started teaching the first Capoeira classes in Tampa. 2002 was an eventful year, as he opened his first academy in Tampa and was graduated as a Capoeira Professor by Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Rã. In 2006, he became Professor Graduado (Professor de 2º grau) and in 2015, he received his Mestrando cord in Brazil.

Mestrando Girino has traveled all over the US and Brazil to both learn and teach Capoeira, and he especially loves teaching kids.

Mestrando Girino and his students frequently participate in community, educational and cultural events, as well as outreach programs for at-risk youth and he tries to share his love of Capoeira with those around him, hoping it will inspire them to improve their lives the way it helped improved his.